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We follow the strict implementation of national standards. Your concrete driveway will last for a long time, but to give you peace of mind, you’ll get a five-year structural guarantee from us! 

We provide specific estimates for each project as our way of being transparent. Pro Driveways Toowoomba can do more than driveways. We have a wide range of concrete solutions to meet your home needs, such as patios, pool space, and pathways. 

We are committed to providing functional, practical solutions so it will transform your property to become appealing. Whatever types of property you have, our concrete solutions are here to help. From bold designs to classic features, we are capable of meeting your need.

A driveway is not just a driveway. It has a deeper impact than we imagine. A driveway is the pathway to you home, and this will speak volume about you. 

We often put much attention into our home’s interiors, not realizing the exteriors are vital in improving property perception and value. 

wet concrete

One of our bestseller concrete solutions, the exposed aggregate, is popular because of its appearance. There are various shades and textures to choose from to fit your property’s structural and aesthetic needs. 

white aggregates

For coloured concrete, there are plenty of shades to consider, and it is built to last. 

In our Concept Concrete, we add coloured oxide before the concrete is laid, so you’ll get an intense colour spread evenly. However, we often suggest clients who want a deeper shade to seal it to get the result. 

dark brown driveway

Pro Driveways Toowoomba can execute any intricate designs you want. We are experts in stencilling concrete.

For this essential process, the stencil will be laid on the surface once done with the wet concrete. This impression will then be repeated to create a uniform design. 

shiny stencil

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