Exposed Aggregate Driveways

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Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Form and function; this is what exposed aggregate is all about. 

Known as the King of Driveway, exposed aggregate is a well-loved outdoor surface solution for many Australian homeowners.

It comes in many shades, long-lasting and flexible; it transforms ordinary surface to art statements which can last for decades and add value to your property. 

What is exposed concrete?

Typically, when the concrete is poured, it is then smoothed for that even finish. This process produces a clean appearance but doesn’t have the wow factor and is less practical in durability. 

Meanwhile, exposed aggregate offers both durability and aesthetics. This is done by using exposed stones to give texture and colour for the surface. The internal parts of the concrete are exposed for a natural finish. 

This is also perfect for outdoor because it offers more grip. This process results in better traction and better design. 

A truly versatile material

When it comes to design statement, exposed aggregate offer limitless possibilities. Any sand, stones, and pebbles in different sizes and shapes can be utilized. 

You can get the texture you desire with the help of these experts. Adding quartz can give you a glossy effect because it captures light. And this can be enhanced with the use of coloured glass. 

You can get any shades you can think of because the materials being used are wide-ranging. Strong shades to natural hues, earth tones to intense pink hues, it’s limitless. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the choices and details, do not worry because Pro Driveway Toowoomba can help you find the best solution for your home. There are many creative ways to compliment your outdoor environment with your driveway. 

The team will work closely with you to come up with colour and texture that suit your property. You will be impressed with the result. Get in touch with them now!

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Final Touch Options

Water wash

This simple process is just washing the surface mortar on the aggregate. No chemical retarder or specific tools needed. Spraying water and scrubbing it until the desired result is achieved. This is a classic look for exposed aggregate and still offers functionality and durability. 


This method is using the technique of abrasive blasting to expose the aggregate once the concrete is hardened. This is best to create an even finish and perfect for steep driveways and vertical surfaces. However, this method takes away the shape and colour of the surface. 

Pavilion finish

This finish utilizes acid to remove concrete around the aggregate at different depths. Before applying acid, the surface will be ground down, resulting in a better slip-resistant driveway. It also creates a fine texture.

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