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Our concrete solutions are known to provide durability and easily fit into the modern home concept. There are many colours and designs available for different types of homes. 

Not only that, but we also design and conceptualize a driveway that is perfect for a residential or commercial environment. From excavation, drainage to the pouring of concrete, cleaning, and lastly, sealing, all of these are done by our dedicated staff. 

For an affordable rate, you get to pick from various designs and shapes. The best thing is it is easy to maintain. We are proud of our craft, and you can be confident in our materials and, most importantly, the output. 

Our friendly customer representative will make sure projects are completed on time and fulfill the client’s satisfaction.

  • Weatherproof and fits into any modern housing designs
  • Available in various designs, shades, and sizes
  • Complete driveway installation
  • Affordable rates that fit your budget
  • High quality

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Prioritizing quality driveway is a wise choice. Moreover, you can choose various options with an affordable price range. Bear in mind that maintenance is still needed for the concrete surface. 

Whatever you choose, all of these concrete solutions need time to time maintenance from our staff. 


When planning to build your driveway, the first thing to consider is picking materials that can withstand harsh weather and time. In general, concrete is the go-to choose because it can last for a long time.

When maintenance is done right, your driveway can last to 50 years of use. The benefit of a concrete driveway is the ability to survive high temperatures, particularly during summer. It is an excellent choice for Australian homeowners since it will remain cool despite the harsh weather.  

Maintaining Driveways

Any driveway can last for a very long time when there are regular cleaning and maintenance. It is not hard to keep it in top condition; simply scrub and remove any dirt using your garden hose. 

Oil stains will quickly come off with a spray for those who have their driveway appropriately sealed. Choosing concrete is a practical choice. It gives your property more value while pleasing the eyes. 

Aside from considering the estimates for labour and materials, don’t forget to check for the time that the concrete will need to cure to get an idea of the time needed before you can use it. To maximise your project, take into consideration these details:

Minimise heavyweights

The regular presence of big trucks and vans with load can put significant pressure on your driveway, which eventually will lead to cracks and breaks on the concrete. Minimize the presence of heavyweights, especially if it is parking for an extended period.

Clean spills the soonest

Seeing big spills on your driveway can be an eyesore. Chemicals and oils can make the overall look of your property ugly. Treating spills, the soonest means you don’t have to do resurfacing before it’s time. You can use cat litter to absorbs any chemical and leave it for a couple of hours. Once this is done, dispose of and use detergent to clean the driveway.

Fix cracks soon as possible

Do not ignore any small leak because this will eventually lead to a bigger problem. Weeds are growing before you know it, which will make the repair a bit more challenging. This is avoidable when it is treated early. 

For maintenance needs, choose Pro Driveways Toowoomba, an expert on concrete maintenance. Get in touch with us now for any driveway concerns, and we will help you!

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